But primarily the shenanigans part…

The concept is simple. Join the live Analysts After Work event, click on the “Play Vince-Mirabingo” button below and listen for the words on your Vince-Mirabingo card. Use the chat to call out “MIRA-BINGO” when you win.

For additional fun: Enjoy a sip of your chosen beverage each time a square is called.


Minimal time was spent on this website, if that wasn’t already apparent. This site is in no way tied to the Vincent Mirabelli brand, a part of its intellectual property or even endorsed by him. Any related themes are purely accidental, if not serendipitous. All prizes won will strictly be in the form of “Bragging Rights” and hold no monetary value, regardless of what anyone says (hint: there are no prizes).

Any poor decisions made during or following the playing of MiraBingo are strictly the responsibility of the individual playing and not of this site or its authors.